Golden Visa Law

In 2013, the Greek Golden Visa law was published, where a permanent residence permit is granted to non-EU citizens and their families, who acquire an immovable property in Greece, the value of which exceeds 250,000 Euros.

Since then there are many improvements to the Greek Golden Visa law, which is an international success that has already attracted hundreds of non-European citizens such as China, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, and other third countries.

Veli & Associates Law Office has a great experience and deep expertise in Real Estate and Investment Migration.

We acknowledge our international clients’ needs and we have established an one-stop-shop office which provides a full package

of services for the acquisition of a property and the issuance of a residence permit in Greece as foreign investors.

Contract Review

Greek Golden Visa Program

Types of property investment of a minimum value of 250,000 Euros:

  • Real estate property owned by the non-EU citizen personally (second handed or new built or plot or commercial properties)

  • Real estate property owned by a legal entity, of which the non-EU citizen holds the entirety of shares or share units (second handed or new built or plot or commercial properties)

  • A 10 year at minimum lease of hotel accommodations or furnished tourist accommodations (houses) in tourist accommodation complexes

  • A time-sharing contract

Golden Visa Program Beneficiaries

  • Main applicant

  • Main applicant's spouse

  • Children of the spouse or either of the spouse under 21 years old

  • Main applicant's parents and/or spouse

Investors Benefits

  • Travel in all Schengen countries

  • Rent the property and get an income

  • Establish their own company in Greece

  • Enjoy full access in the health and educational system

  • Get the European residence permit and citizenship under the requirements of the law

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